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By Leah Alger  Charles Araujo, principal analyst at Intellyx, said: “Modernising mainframe applications are a critical activity for enterprise organisations competing in a digital-first world. That starts […]
“Modernizing mainframe applications is a critical activity for enterprise organizations competing in a digital-first world. That starts with integrating mainframes into continuous delivery pipelines, but it […]
“Large enterprises can no longer treat mainframe COBOL code as an isolated silo subject to slower, less frequent updates that are not tightly coordinated with code […]
The evolution of big data, data science and analytics was on full display at this year’s Strata Data Conference with one overarching message: We need to […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief In all the talk surrounding big data, data lakes and data science, it can be easy to forget that most of […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief If you’re going down the data science road, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re using Python and Anaconda as part […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The ability to create a rich and seamless customer experience is a critical component to any digital transformation initiative. Likewise, intelligently […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Big Switch Networks combines Software-Defined Networking (SDN) controller software with a variety of different open networking hardware switches to deliver a […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Secondary storage is all the storage across an enterprise without a mission-critical SLA. For example, backup storage, storage for test/dev, data […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief With its recent acquisition of Broadview Networks and especially its merger with Earthlink, voice, data, and managed services provider Windstream now […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Zebra Technologies is leveraging its years of experience building barcode scanners, mobile printers, and other handheld devices to craft specialized Internet […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Ziften is expanding its established focus on endpoint security into what it calls system and security operations, or ‘SysSecOps.’ Ziften’s technology […]
You rarely see the words ‘sexy’ and ‘enterprise infrastructure’ in the same sentence, I’ll admit. Nevertheless, this week I had the opportunity to meet with several […]
By FX Gold 做这些事可能会使那些单纯把比特币作为一种商品交易的无辜投资者在一夜间失去一切。英特尔公司的董事长布隆伯格Jason Bloomberg坚称,如果犯罪分子不能再轻易地使用比特币,那么比特币的整个价值就会被抹去。 比特币的价值 今年春天,布隆伯格写道,比特币之所以有价值,是因为它作为了违法者的一种交换媒介。如果人们可以消除所有非法使用比特币的行为,那么网络货币就不会再出现了。但其实有人表示,布隆伯格可能夸大其词了。他们认为布隆伯格至少忽略了使用比特币的非犯罪优势,比如比特币的交易费用非常低,交易速度更快。 Read the entire artic...
Application and network management software vendor NetScout has been in existence since 1984, but has recently been on a tear, rising to the #7 position in […]
By Jennifer Zaino “We want a more coordinated effort to tie operational visibility to business visibility,” said Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, an industry analysis firm. It’s really […]
By Jake Novak Some major bitcoin bears, like Intellyx president Jason Bloomberg, insist its entire value would be wiped out if criminals could no longer use it […]
As the sensor, device, and infrastructure technologies that underpin the Internet of Things (IoT) mature, enterprises are increasingly incorporating IoT strategies into their digital transformation roadmaps. […]
If you cannot explicitly articulate how investing in a new technology, changing the approach or re-engineering the business process will help you achieve your customer-centric vision of the future in direct and measurable ways, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. At Intellyx, we spend ...
At Intellyx, we often talk about the transition from the Industrial Era to the Digital Era, but other than the transformation of the technology itself, the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief For most enterprise leaders, there was a predictable cadence to the acquisition, accumulation and eventual rationalization of an application stack. When […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief First-generation graph databases are storage-centric. The second generation brought compute-centricity without real-time processing. TigerGraph is bringing to market a third-generation graph […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Alfresco has its roots in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Its Digital Business Platform combines traditional ECM with integrated Business Process Management […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief A number of vendors have rolled out ‘cloud in a box’ solutions that offer a preconfigured private cloud solution for on-premises […]
By Minda Zetlin  Too often, CIOs spend time and resources worrying about how to implement the latest and greatest technology – from blockchain to AI – into […]
By Peter Schooff As Jason Bloomberg writes in this post, “such innovations (low-code/no-code) are too disruptive – so disruptive, in fact, that many different constituencies are resisting, each […]
The low code movement is erupting in the enterprise, creating some confusion but also providing opportunity. The boundaries between IT and Lines of Business are blurring […]
The company repositions itself as a communications and collaboration platform for the enterprise — and, in doing so, offers up some valuable lessons for IT and […]
Everyone could agree that silos created unnecessary separation, protectionism, and bureaucracy. No one would dare argue that having rigid silos were somehow good for the organization. Silos were, therefore, the easy target. They became the mantle onto which leaders could lay all past ...
Let’s say you’re a long-time expert on message-oriented middleware – say, an MQSeries (now IBM MQ) pro from back in the day – and someone asked […]
Jaded technology veterans may look at the exploding Low-Code marketplace and see little more than warmed-over trends from the 1980s and 1990s. After all, Computer Aided […]
By David Zeiler Let’s move on to Forbes, which ran two pieces based on the events in China. A commentary by Jason Bloomberg titled “Collateral Damage from […]
As MSPs select their technology partners, it’s critical that they embrace customer advocacy principles powered by intelligent automation For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), it is a […]
By Elizabeth White Digital Transformation Requires Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation Agile has finally jumped the technology shark, expanding outside the software world. Enterprises are now increasingly adopting Agile […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As organizations embrace and scale DevOps across the enterprise, the speed of development increases and the stakes get bigger. As a […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief According to Blueprint Software, most enterprise organizations begin their development efforts in the wrong place. In its view, the modern agile […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As digital transformation continues to change nearly every aspect of how organizations do business, the importance of the customer journey and […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Digital transformation is changing how organizations do almost everything — including, according to Qmetry, the way they approach software quality. The […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Connecting an organization’s strategic objectives to the specific business and software projects that support them has been a problem since the very […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Web scale companies have long understood the importance of testing new features and interfaces with small subsets of their user population […]