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By 삼봉아빠 미국 경제잡지인 포브스에 Jason Bloomberg 라는 Contributor가 작성한 글을 번역/요약해서 올려본다. 참고로 원문 링크는 https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2017/12/09/seven-lies-bitcoin-fans-tell-themselves-and-anyone-else-who-will-listen/#89c8486402d8와 같다. 이분 트위터는 @theebizwizard 이니 반론은 이분께.. 거짓말 1. 비트코인은 (통용되는...
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The latest buzzword out of network circles is Intent-Based Networking (IBN). With IBN, the network responds to the business intent of […]
From the popular media to the never-ending march of new intelligent technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Beyond the whiz-bang factor of consumer-focused innovations, however, enterprise […]
CA Continuous Delivery & Agile Summit 8th & 9th February 2018 – London The promise of both Agile and Continuous Delivery is achieved when you are […]
As the low-code/no-code movement continues to explode, skeptics look askance at the trend and wonder if we’ve been down this road before. After all, we’ve seen […]
By GENK Tính đến thời điểm hiện tại, giá trị vốn hóa của bitcoin vào khoảng 260 tỷ USD (theo số liệu Coinmarketcap). Tuy nhiên, điều […]
By Business Insider Deutschland Die Kryptowährung Bitcoin schafft mehr Probleme, als dass sie beispielsweise das der Geldversorgung löst, findet der Forbes-Analyst Jason Bloomberg. „Bitcoin ist nur ein temporäres […]
By Redacción Silicon “La cobertura del código es una parte integral de la calidad de código continuo que los profesionales de DevOps de hoy en día dan […]
By IT Finanzmagazin Kontinuierliche Qualitätssicherung bei Mainframe-Code Topaz for Total Test ermittelt die Metriken zur Code Coverage direkt vom Quellcode und nicht – wie die meisten älteren […]
For most of the last decade, there has been a steady drumbeat of predictions about the demise of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Whether it was […]
By Compuware « La couverture de code est partie intégrante du contrôle continu de la qualité du code, à tel point que les spécialistes DevOps la […]
By pat Kontinuierliche Qualitätssicherung „Code Coverage ist ein integraler Bestandteil der kontinuierlichen Qualitätssicherung von Code, den die heutigen DevOps-Mitarbeiter fast für selbstverständlich halten“, sagt Jason Bloomberg, President […]
There are many facets to digital transformation, but according to a recent study, a low-code development platform can help you accelerate your efforts Digital transformation is […]
A month ago, my article Seven Lies Bitcoin Fans Tell Themselves (And Anyone Else Who Will Listen) clearly struck a nerve, as almost half a million […]
By Compuware “La copertura del codice è una parte così integrante della gestione continua della qualità del codice che i professionisti DevOps di oggi la danno […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief It’s no secret that enterprise organizations must modernize their technology stacks in order to adapt to customer expectations and successfully execute […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Magic Software is a well-established on-premises integration vendor. It has particular expertise in manufacturing, in particular with Oracle’s aging JD Edwards […]
By Compuware Corporation “Code coverage is such an integral part of continuous code quality that today’s DevOps practitioners almost take it for granted,” said Jason Bloomberg, President […]
By DevOps Digest API: EVERYONE WILL BE A DEVELOPER RESTful APIs are far simpler to use than Web Services or the tightly coupled, coded APIs of […]
Webinar with CA Technologies February 13, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Do you struggle to keep all parts of your team developing at the […]
As enterprises undergo digital transformation, the nature and purpose of their call centers transform as well. For a pre-digital enterprise, call centers are simply cost centers. […]
Continuing a tradition from last year’s retrospective, my New Year’s contribution reviews my top articles from the year before, with a look at why these particular […]
By Home Business Wiz Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a division of Amazon best known for serving up a massive online marketplace for just about everything. In […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As digital transformation first began to take root, many organizations saw it as all about only two things: marketing and mobile. […]
By Michael Siemasz Modernizing On-platform We agree with Intellyx President and notable Agile digital transformation analyst Jason Bloomberg that modernization should occur on-platform. A guest post from Jason earlier […]
Speculative bubble or no, perhaps the greatest challenge facing Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, and the broader world of blockchain is the fact that all of these […]
Following a tradition dating back to 2002 at ZapThink and continuing at Intellyx since 2014, it’s time for Intellyx’s annual predictions for the coming year. If you’re a long-time fan, you know we have a twist to the typical annual prediction post: we actually critique our predictions...
Few technologies are more despised than interactive voice response (IVR). It doesn’t help that big companies have largely replaced the dreaded ‘press one for sales’ with […]
In this episode Cory talks to Jason Bloomberg of the Intellyx group. Jason recently wrote an article about Bitcoin called Seven Lies Bitcoin Fans Tell Themselves […]
Тот же автор (Jason Bloomberg) утверждает, что за годы, прошедшие с момента основания Джоном Захманом нового направления «архитектура предприятия» (ЕА) в статье 1987 года в журнале […]...
By Andrew Medal Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be held back by apps that don’t serve their business’s and customers’ needs.That’s why they need better support throughout the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Business processes that include interactions with ERP and other packaged applications typically involve various end-user touchpoints and interactions with other applications, […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief I hadn’t spoken to Pegasystems for over a decade, so I was surprised to learn how far the company has come […]
Under enormous pressure to transform from the likes of Amazon.com and Walmart, the ‘bricks and mortar’ retail industry has been struggling to reinvent itself for a […]
By DevOps Digest DEVOPS BECOMES DEVSECOPS Security will become increasingly integrated with the DevOps way of thinking, as DevSecOps becomes less of a trend separate from […]
By APMDigest ITSM SHIFTS FOCUS AWAY FROM IT INFRASTRUCTURE ITSM will continue its shift in focus away from IT infrastructure toward user-centered design. We expect a […]
When you think of compliance, what comes to mind? Maybe regulatory compliance, a challenge that elicits dread across the business? Or perhaps service-level agreement (SLA) compliance? […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The systems and applications that enterprise organizations have traditionally used to manage their operations were document, project or account centric. But […]
Following a tradition dating back to 2002 at ZapThink and continuing at Intellyx since 2014, it’s time for Intellyx’s annual predictions for the coming year. If […]
Many organisations are implementing DevOps today. DevOps owes its heritage to a combination of Agile and Lean. For many organisations though, the plethora of tools they […]