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An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Because GPS doesn’t work indoors, some alternate technology is necessary for providing location information to mobile devices while inside. IndoorAtlas uses […]
Each year, a San Diego-based company releases its product up to 45 times. The company develops several new releases concurrently and, as you would expect, each […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief TactoTek manufactures a variety of electronic devices by incorporating the electronics directly into injection molded plastic. The company places printed circuitry, […]
At the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2017) in Oulu, Finland this week, 5G technical and policy experts from across Europe are meeting to […]
By CA Automic Continuous Delivery pour SAP 14 Juin – 17h Vos ERPs traditionnels et vos applications cœur de métier ont des difficultés à s’adapter au […]
By John Moore 无代码,以及公民技术专家的到来 在开发领域,没有代码平台的兴起也承诺重塑IT部门的角色。没有代码平台针对企业用户,并提供无需编程知识创建应用程序的能力。它们是公民技术人员的关键工具。 Intellyx总裁Jason Bloomberg是一家专注于敏捷数字转换的行业分析和咨询公司,他表示,没有代码的历史可以追溯到Microsoft Access——一个数据库以及相关的开发工具,让业务用户创建应用程序。Access在1992年首次亮相。 Bloomberg说,“最新一代的无代码技术”是Access类固醇。但是,具有拖放简单性的平台最终可能会生...
By Badri Sriraman There is one thing that separates elite athletes from average athletes. Elite athletes use the power of guided imagery or visualization. Studies show that […]
By Xing Are you struggling to align your ERPs with digital technology? Is it time you created agile data environments for SAP development and testing? We […]
By Kimberly Milando You’re Now Cloud First Are You Ready to Be DevOps First? Author Jason Bloomberg begins to discuss the less frequented notion of DevOps First […]
Presented by: Jason Bloomberg November 8, 2017 Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, Florida Agile has finally jumped the technology shark, expanding outside the software world. Enterprises […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Cedexis leverages real-user data to provide Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), public cloud providers and other Web Scale companies, media firms, and […]
By Annie_Xu   暴走时评:关于区块链炒作,最主要的是确定各个行业存在哪些问题,并对症采用不同的技术解决方案,而不是一味地追捧或者贬低区块链或者任何一项新兴技术。不过从目前该技术的适用性来看,它还不是终端用户可以真正采用的工具。并且该技术尚待解决的一些缺陷决定了它的部署成本较高,普及率较低,复杂性与性能,甚至本身被看好的不可篡改性都可能带来问题。至少目前看来,区块链技术对现有金融系统的颠覆性越大,成功的可能性反而越小。 Read the entire article at http://chainb.com/?P=Cont&id=4695...
In 2003, Writer Nick Carr shook up enterprise C-suites around the world with his seminal article for Harvard Business Review he provocatively titled IT Doesn’t Matter. […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) have crossed the mainstream threshold — at least when it comes to mindshare. Most enterprise organizations are now […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief In today’s economy, the most critical customer interactions occur digitally. Whether on a website, via a mobile application or in some […]
By Badri Sriraman If you rolled your eyes when you read governance and DevOps in the same title, you’re not alone. There’s no question that governance initiatives […]
Third party risk has long been an important concern for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) executives. After all, every company depends upon a vast ecosystem of […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There are three main reasons why companies might want to migrate off of their mainframes: aging hardware, aging software, or aging […]
The truth is that the modern IT organization needs elements from both DevOps and ITIL in order to effectively operate in a world that balances speed […]
Company research reports typically depend upon surveys of preselected customers (rather than random respondents) and lack any basis on real traffic analysis, thus making their results […]
By Iris Business Architect Searching for the Business Value of Enterprise Architecture A fairly recent Jason Bloomberg article in Forbes pointed out that “enterprise architects have used […]
Given the turbulent, even frothy environment for disruptive digital technologies, one novel entrant promises to be among the frothiest: blockchain. The secure distributed ledger technology behind […]
When John Donahoe, ServiceNow’s new CEO, delivered his opening keynote at Knowledge17, he announced the Intelligent Automation Engine — the company’s new machine learning layer that […]
Now that cloud computing has turned a corner, most enterprises have implemented a ‘cloud first’ strategy. With such a strategy, the default assumption is that any […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The idea of using chatbots — or bots, more broadly — is not a new idea. Enterprise organizations have been using […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As I wrote about recently in NetworkWorld, SAP has set forth an ambitious agenda to become the digital transformation platform for […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Big data environments require specialized performance management tooling. Pepperdata recently announced its code analyzer for Apache Spark, adding it to its […]
Are your traditional ERPs and core business applications struggling to keep up new digital technology? It’s a challenge facing all organizations undergoing radical transformation as part […]
Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) allow companies to enhance acquisition, retention, and application of the knowledge of people in the organization. This Intellyx whitepaper by Jason […]
The customer-driven, technology empowered business transformation we call digital transformation impacts every corner of the enterprise. Every process, every organizational unit, every piece of technology is […]
At its annual customer conference, SAP set forth an ambitious vision for the future, but is their partner ecosystem ready for the journey? At its massive […]
By Steve Denning One company that has made progress in this area is the DBS. It’s a really interesting example. It’s the biggest bank in Singapore. It […]
By CIO Peru ¿Facilitador de la tecnología o estratega corporativo? Con tanto de Ti ocurriendo en cada esquina de la mayoría de organizaciones y el control […]
By Eclipse 1. Don’t view this as a project that starts and ends Digital transformation doesn’t occur in a day or a month. The steps required […]
By APMDigest AUTOMATED PROBLEM DETECTION AND RESOLUTION ITOA is following a general progression: from providing better visibility into the operational environment, to identifying root causes of […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief While Tableau dominates the crowded data visualization and analysis market, Zoomdata has gained substantial customer traction with its differentiated streaming-centric offering. […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Today’s machine learning toolkits require deep AI technical skills, while API-based machine learning platforms consume massive quantities of data, only to […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Catastrophic forgetting (or catastrophic interference) is a long-standing problem with neural networks, the theoretical underpinnings for deep learning and other machine […]
ServiceNow’s new CEO, John Donahoe, provided a master class in how tech company CEOs should be talking about real-world digital transformation It seems that every tech […]
Digital technology need not fall exclusively in the category of ‘user-facing.’ In fact, any piece of technology, regardless how old it is or where it falls in the enterprise IT environment, is a ‘digital technology’ if it aligns with the customer-centric goal of digital. From mainfra...