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Speculative bubble or no, perhaps the greatest challenge facing Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, and the broader world of blockchain is the fact that all of these […]
Following a tradition dating back to 2002 at ZapThink and continuing at Intellyx since 2014, it’s time for Intellyx’s annual predictions for the coming year. If you’re a long-time fan, you know we have a twist to the typical annual prediction post: we actually critique our predictions...
Few technologies are more despised than interactive voice response (IVR). It doesn’t help that big companies have largely replaced the dreaded ‘press one for sales’ with […]
In this episode Cory talks to Jason Bloomberg of the Intellyx group. Jason recently wrote an article about Bitcoin called Seven Lies Bitcoin Fans Tell Themselves […]
Тот же автор (Jason Bloomberg) утверждает, что за годы, прошедшие с момента основания Джоном Захманом нового направления «архитектура предприятия» (ЕА) в статье 1987 года в журнале […]...
By Andrew Medal Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be held back by apps that don’t serve their business’s and customers’ needs.That’s why they need better support throughout the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Business processes that include interactions with ERP and other packaged applications typically involve various end-user touchpoints and interactions with other applications, […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief I hadn’t spoken to Pegasystems for over a decade, so I was surprised to learn how far the company has come […]
Under enormous pressure to transform from the likes of Amazon.com and Walmart, the ‘bricks and mortar’ retail industry has been struggling to reinvent itself for a […]
By DevOps Digest DEVOPS BECOMES DEVSECOPS Security will become increasingly integrated with the DevOps way of thinking, as DevSecOps becomes less of a trend separate from […]
By APMDigest ITSM SHIFTS FOCUS AWAY FROM IT INFRASTRUCTURE ITSM will continue its shift in focus away from IT infrastructure toward user-centered design. We expect a […]
When you think of compliance, what comes to mind? Maybe regulatory compliance, a challenge that elicits dread across the business? Or perhaps service-level agreement (SLA) compliance? […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The systems and applications that enterprise organizations have traditionally used to manage their operations were document, project or account centric. But […]
Following a tradition dating back to 2002 at ZapThink and continuing at Intellyx since 2014, it’s time for Intellyx’s annual predictions for the coming year. If […]
Many organisations are implementing DevOps today. DevOps owes its heritage to a combination of Agile and Lean. For many organisations though, the plethora of tools they […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief We can now take for granted that hackers will penetrate every enterprise. We can mitigate the damage and stop them in […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Secdo provides automated endpoint security leveraging agents that run on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh endpoints. Secdo feeds data from its agents […]
By Robert DeVoe Bitcoin fans are apparently spouting off lies and falsehoods to anyone who would listen to them. That’s according to Jason Bloomberg, an author […]
By Pancho Dicristófaro Bitcoin no es como otras formas de moneda El Sr. Bloomberg afirma que el bitcoin no se parece en nada a dólares estadounidenses ni […]
By Fiorano Webteam In this webinar, digital transformation expert Jason Bloomberg, President of industry analyst firm Intellyx, has discussed the complexities of the API-enabled ecosystem that PSD2 […]
By Vinay Prajapati Options always mean choices! What is SD-WAN? Jason Bloomberg, writing for Forbes, says, “The reason why the SD-WAN space is so hot is because […]
By Lesa Moné NoSQL databases will replace traditional databases. As IoT data is traditionally unstructured, it will be difficult to sort into ables. This is where NoSQL […]
Though the act of developing applications will remain essential and become more critical than ever, the nature of development is changing. And those who adapt first […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There are many tools that track users as they interact with web sites or mobile apps. Such web analytics tools collect […]
Ever since the 2000 movie The Perfect Storm told the tale of perseverance in the face of a once-in-a-lifetime coalescence of massive forces, its title has […]
By Agile Stacks A few months ago Jason Bloomberg published a great article in Forbes: You’re Now ‘Cloud First.’ Are You Ready To Be ‘DevOps First’? […]
By Mary Beth McCabe Educating tomorrow’s mobile marketing and social media learners about digital transformation, Jason Bloomberg discusses the complex structure of Marketing in business and how […]
Translated by Forbes Argentina Bitcoin: ¿No es lo que parece? Mentira 1: Bitcoin es como algo más Esta falacia es tan frecuente, sinceramente, porque Bitcoin realmente no […]
From our perspective as consumers, perhaps the best thing about digital transformation is how consumerization is making technology so much easier to use. Sure, our television remote controls still have too many buttons, and I have yet to figure out the digital display in my Honda, but ...
The recent extraordinary runup and commensurate volatility in the price of Bitcoin has intensified global attention on the cybercurrency. For good or ill, Bitcoin is now […]
By انا اصدق العلم القيمة الجوهرية؟ في وقت سابق من هذه السنة، تساءل الصحفي في مجلة فوربس (Forbes) جيسون بلومبرج ( Jason Bloomberg) ما إذا كان لعملة […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Whether it is to find improved efficiencies or to improve customer engagement, organizations are looking to automate anything and everything they […]
The hallmark of the cognitive enterprise will be optimized technology stacks that meet the demands of AI workloads – and that must start with hardware. As […]
By Wanchai 298 內在價值? 今年早些時候,“福布斯”撰稿人傑森•布隆伯格(Jason Bloomberg)質疑比特幣是否持有任何內在價值,也就是說,這個貨幣的價值超出了市場在每枚硬幣上的標籤。他很難找到答案,許多專家指出比特幣的市場價值是唯一真正的價值。這個價值問題是決定貨幣總體效用的一個重要部分,或者證明或者揭露斯蒂格利茨關於比特幣缺乏功能的說法。 Read the entire article at https://www.wanchai298.com/2017/12/05/joseph-stiglitz-bitcoin/...
By Jeff Mordock The Amazon effect has rocked bricks-and-mortar retail. Now it’s moving in on the health care market. Analysts say CVS Health Corp.’s $69 billion bid for […]
What are the challenges of Modern Internet Delivery? The days where people had no choice but to sit down and surf the Web to interact with organizations […]
“This all sounds great. But it’s just not realistic.” This is what a group of five senior IT executives told me during a workshop I held […]
There’s an old joke from the Gates and Ballmer days at Microsoft: There are only two kinds of people in this world: Microsoft customers and future […]
By Patrick Caughill INTRINSIC VALUE? Earlier this year, Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg questioned whether Bitcoin held any intrinsic value, that is, the currency’s value outside of the price tag that the […]
By caion  Valor intrínseco? No início deste ano, Forbes contribuidor Jason Bloomberg questionou se a Bitcoin possuía qualquer intrínseco valor, isto é, o valor da moeda fora do preço que o […]