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An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Artificial intelligence – and cognitive computing in particular – are unquestionably hot topics in enterprise IT today, but for the most […]
Data security is not an abstract idea or just another technical problem – a security breach is a crime and you need to have a digital […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As the low-code and no-code platform markets mature, they are dividing into two camps: low-code for accelerating the work of enterprise […]
By David Jones Digital Performance Management: the evolution of APM Industry leaders like Jason Bloomberg have described the need for an Artificial Intelligence-Driven Vision for Digital Performance […]
With customers demanding more software-as-a-service offerings, yesterday’s software leaders have to move aggressively toward the cloud. But moving from a traditional on-premises delivery model to a […]
To paraphrase an old joke, there are four stages of digital transformation: What is digital transformation? We need digital transformation! We need whatever comes next after […]
By Joe Cote Interestingly, it is often the transformation rather than the complexity of new technologies that is the most challenging for businesses to embrace, according […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The founders of Evanios wondered why organizations managed event monitoring and incident response in different systems — and if by bringing […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Working behind the scenes for over a decade, Faction is revolutionizing the way enterprise organizations look at private cloud, particularly as […]
Portsmouth VA, March 15 – 17, 2017 Mark your calendar to attend the 2017 ACCS Conference on March 15 – 17, 2017.  The conference is shaping […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief When technology fails today, organizations feel the ramifications far and wide. The impact — and responsibility to respond — is no […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Web load balancers that distribute traffic to multiple web servers are now mature and familiar, but database load balancers are not […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief At some point, all malware must take some action that is outside the norm for well-behaving software. Perhaps it attempts to […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The data and application integration market is a crowded space, including enterprise offerings like Microsoft BizTalk, Software AG webMethods, SnapLogic, and […]
The real face of digital disruption is the fundamental transformation of societal structures. You need to prepare for your disrupted future—and it begins with a choice. […]
The impact of fake news on the recent election has focused public attention on this multi-tentacled and growing problem. Vast swaths of the population fall prey […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Data integration vendor Attunity offers a range of data-centric solutions that fall into three broad solution areas: data availability, data movement, […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Enterprise organizations are struggling to meet the needs of the modern enterprise knowledge worker who wants mobile, workflow-specific apps designed for […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Enterprises seeking innovative new technologies struggle to find software startups that might fit the bill, and once found, proofs-of-concept (PoCs) can […]
The cloud is an essential part of your business, but hidden challenges to building and sustaining a cloud architecture at scale may undermine your success. Cloud […]
By Jason Bloomberg Four Questions of Digital Sabotage In spite of its admittedly clickbaitish title, this Cortex isn’t an update of the CIA Manual for the […]
Once again, we find ourselves at the dawn of a new year. And many would say, not a moment too soon. With a series of tumultuous […]
Moving from a traditional, on-premises delivery model to a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy is a high-stakes, bet-the-company game for independent software vendors. These are the secrets […]
By Compuware The Value of Topaz for Program Analysis Eases the transition for next-generation developers by improving the understanding of highly complex applications Increases developer productivity […]
Continuing a tradition from last year, I have decided to write my final Forbes article for the year reflecting on the top articles for 2016. As […]
“Never permit short-cuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions.” “When possible, refer all matters to committees…. Attempt to make the committees as large as […]
By Daniel Lambert The Need of Measurement Business Architecture will only contribute in driving Information Technology (“IT”) and Business Alignment if key business and IT stakeholders promote […]
By JP Emelie Marcos Check out these quotable quotes about AI, MI, root cause analysis, and everything in between – from our tech gurus, industry leaders, and […]
Every year, financial services magazine Euromoney gives out numerous awards for excellence to firms in many categories, at country, regional, and global levels. Their inaugural pick […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There are ample business drivers pushing enterprise organizations toward the full-fledged adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Improved speed to market, […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief If you had the luxury of architecting a massively scalable, cloud-native digital asset management platform from scratch, it would end up […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief DevOps and continuous delivery are all the rage. That’s because IT organizations must develop capabilities that enable them to quickly adapt […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The challenge with most enterprise applications is that they were built for a time in which everyone worked the same way. […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief IT Operations teams are struggling to keep up. The exponential growth of technology solutions, coupled with the move to rapid and […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The Domain Name Service (DNS) is surprisingly fragile, especially considering that it serves as the backbone of the Internet. Hackers realize […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Despite its popularity, open source cloud platform OpenStack can be a bear to install and configure. It can take weeks or […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Sinequa offers a cognitive search platform that offers natural language processing-based search capabilities as a commercial off-the-shelf product. As many of […]
By Margaret Kadifa “It’s able to build this graph basically connecting the dots across these silos,” Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, an industry analyst firm focused on […]
New public-private partnership approaches in higher ed show how enterprise organizations can increase the speed of innovation and create a rapid cultural shift. In his 2011 […]
By APM Digest 10. CONVERGENCE: APM/DPM + ITOA/ITOM APM has already largely morphed into Digital Performance Management (DPM), reflecting the realization that today’s applications are increasingly […]