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What are the challenges of Modern Internet Delivery? The days where people had no choice but to sit down and surf the Web to interact with organizations […]
“This all sounds great. But it’s just not realistic.” This is what a group of five senior IT executives told me during a workshop I held […]
There’s an old joke from the Gates and Ballmer days at Microsoft: There are only two kinds of people in this world: Microsoft customers and future […]
By Patrick Caughill INTRINSIC VALUE? Earlier this year, Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg questioned whether Bitcoin held any intrinsic value, that is, the currency’s value outside of the price tag that the […]
By caion  Valor intrínseco? No início deste ano, Forbes contribuidor Jason Bloomberg questionou se a Bitcoin possuía qualquer intrínseco valor, isto é, o valor da moeda fora do preço que o […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief One important step on the Cyber Kill Chain that any advanced persistent threat (APT) must execute is lateral movement. The hacker […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Augmented Reality (AR) has found its first killer app in Pokémon Go, but business applications are mostly still on the drawing […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief First, Netflix introduced the Chaos Monkey: an app that would kill processes at random within the Netflix production environment in order […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief LogicMonitor uses lightweight collectors to gather operational time-series data across a wide variety of infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud. […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Update When Intellyx first wrote about Fugue in December 2016, it was just ramping up its cloud governance as a service offering […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Update Intellyx wrote about Baffle in February 2017, as it was in the process of bringing its innovative approach to data encryption […]
By cniteyes IBM 近年来的财报也不争气,根据 IBM最新财报连续22个季度下滑,创下 2002 年一季度以来最低水平,虽然云计算收入有增长的趋势,但是被投资者们寄予厚望的 Watson没能将IBM从日益萎缩的传统业务的泥淖中拯救出来,财报表现一踏糊涂,没有勾勒出当初 Watson 发展所预设的美好蓝图。(Forbes)评论专员 Jason Bloomberg 更是指出,Watson 在 2011 年赢得智力竞赛节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy!)时,博得世人的无尽赞誉,可是时至今日,IBM 只持续地做有限的改进,而不是推出大幅改进的「Watson 2...
By Richa Bhatia LCNC Platforms Boost Rise of Citizen Developers According to Jason Bloomberg, leading industry analyst and President of Intellyx, industry analysis and advisory firm, […]
Quick quiz: what do you visualize when you hear the word robot? Some machine in human form, behaving like a human? Or perhaps one of the […]
By All Things Open 9. @GinnyHam #ATO2017 6 “The digital era is not about technology. It’s really about the shift of power to the customer and the importance […]
By Lesa Moné Stage 4: The Data Center and Cloud Data that requires more thorough processing, and does not require immediate feedback, should be forwarded to the […]
By Mike Siemasz  What’s Transformation Anyway? Three Truths Intellyx Principal Analyst Charles Araujo – an internationally recognized authority on the Digital Enterprise and author of The Quantum Age […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Big data has changed significantly in the last several years. In the not-so-distant past, big data was all about moving data […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Software is eating the world. Data is the new driver of value. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief We are in the age of data, and it is now the lifeblood of almost every organization. Yet most of them […]
No industry has experienced the disruption of digital transformation more than retail. Amazon.com has upended virtually every segment of this venerable industry, well beyond the bookstores […]
From our perspective as consumers, perhaps the best thing about digital transformation is how consumerization is making technology so much easier to use. Sure, our television […]
By Greg Satell We’ll soon be entering the quantum era and the sensationalism has already begun. A recent Forbes article, for example, warns of the ability of quantum computers […]
Achieving customer value with any digital transformation initiative requires an organizational and cultural shift across the enterprise to align people’s efforts with customer priorities. We see […]
By Haokun Wang The history of low-code/no-code application development and what it means today Jason Bloomberg is the leading industry analyst and globally recognized expert on […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief According to Softagram, the average coder spends 80% of their time doing everything except coding. They may be reading old code, […]
By APMDigest Not to say that the IT Ops perspective should not align with the business. “For any (private sector) company, there are only three things […]
By Michael Siemasz What’s Transformation Anyway? Three Truths Intellyx Principal Analyst Charles Araujo—an internationally recognized authority on the Digital Enterprise and author of The Quantum Age of IT: […]
For any service management framework or approach to remain relevant, their core focus must be to help shift and reorient organizations away from systems-centric or even […]
Everyone loves to talk about digital transformation in abstract terms. But when the digital-rubber meets the organizational-road, it is in its applications that things become real. […]
Born out of Toyota’s streamlined manufacturing processes, the Lean movement now provides simplicity, customer focus, improved quality, and speed to software development teams, especially in large […]
The story of extending the principles of Agile to the organization as a whole as I discussed in my article Digital Transformation Requires Enterprisewide Agile Transformation […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Founded in the early 1990s, Agiloft predates even first-generation Web platforms, back in the day when today’s Low-Code/No-Code platforms weren’t even […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Interfacing touts its business process management (BPM) tool’s holistic process capture capability, which means it provides a single repository for managing […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Accusoft is an established document management vendor that offers document redaction and annotation tools and software developer kits (SDKs) for a […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Kinops from Kinetic Data is a SaaS-based no-code platform that enables business users to create simple form-based apps and portals. The […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As the name would suggest, enterprise architecture modeling tools are primarily for the use of enterprise architects, limiting their use by […]
By Oxygen Admin But will the blockchain bubble burst? Blockchain solves some tough problems, but it could create more. In its 9 year history, Bitcoin’s had ups […]
By LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Security organizations face numerous challenges, from increasingly large volumes of data and lack of tools and trained staff to validate intelligence, to the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Data is now one of an enterprise organization’s greatest assets. It is critical to improving the customer experience, to enhancing business […]