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An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief When it comes to network security, mid-market organizations are in a tough spot. They have many (if not all) of the […]
The noise in the Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) marketplace has reached pandemonium levels, as a wide range of vendors seek to disrupt Cisco’s hegemony in the […]
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) was the hottest thing going in enterprise IT a decade ago, until the cloud took off and stole all of its thunder. Nevertheless, […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The diverse and confusing NoSQL (‘not only SQL’) database marketplace offers many different types of data stores that serve many different […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Silver Peak is one of many vendors in the burgeoning software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) market. Superficially, it shares the same value […]
By Preston Gralla Start off by determining true business value In making the transition to hybrid IT, CIOs and decision-makers should first focus on where a company’s […]
Industry 4.0 is moving from hype to reality. Industrial and manufacturing organizations — and those that serve them — understand that it’s happening. But exactly what […]
She’s smart. He’s funny. They’re the ambitious ones. That company is an innovator. This technology is a game-changer. As humans, we love labels. Consciously and unconsciously, […]
In many corporate boardrooms, the word Agile conjures up images of small teams of hotshot software developers, iterating over their backlogs of requirements so rapidly they […]
By Redazione BitMAT Questi esempi mostrano che l’intelligenza artificiale, il machine learning e gli algoritmi sono ormai una tecnologia collaudata che può essere utilizzata per analizzare (e […]
Thusday, April 13, 2017 8:30 PDT / 11:30 EDT From mobile banking to payment processing to managed file transfer—to name just a few common services—the digital […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot buzzword in enterprise technology circles today, but for the disruptive vendors who are building AI-driven […]
By SmartBrief Increased targeting of links in the Cyber Kill Chain and more use of artificial intelligence are two major trends emerging from the recent RSA […]
By Dave Kartzman and Bob Yee Automated unit testing makes it easier to deliver quality with velocity, as industry analyst Charles Araujo of Intellyx wrote in […]
For today’s enterprises, digital performance means far more than a snappy website and mobile apps. In reality, end-to-end performance is critical to keeping customers happy and, […]
It is the era of Digital Enterprise. Beyond the obvious triggers for digital transformation, a merger also represents a unique opportunity. Organizations can re-imagine the manner […]
By Mathias Tölken It is important to start with a mindset change and realise that the ultimate playing field for Digital Transformation will be in VP3 with CX […]
At the recent RSA cybersecurity conference, interoperability and cooperation were a common theme, but not everyone is taking it seriously For many in the cybersecurity space, […]
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology’s global IT summit in Saudi Arabia presents a model for digital transformation The King Abdullah University of Science and […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Recently, the terms ‘the darknet’ and ’the dark web’ have captured the public imagination as stories of nefarious and illicit activities happening in […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Want a surefire way to win at the slots? Do what some enterprising Russian hackers are doing and leverage the fact […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Since the 6th Generation Intel Core processor platform launched in 2015, Intel has offered a secure enclave as part of its […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Duo Security provides software that confirms the identity of mobile users via strong multifactor authentication. In addition, Duo offers security ‘hygiene’: […]
Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every DevOps enthusiast or […]
As an industry analyst and Forbes contributor who writes about digital transformation, I am always looking for stories of disruption. Attending last week’s massive RSA cybersecurity […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There is nothing worse than having a solution to a problem that people don’t know they have. That may be the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Most organizations have historically focused their cybersecurity efforts on external threats. Increasingly, however, organizations are coming to terms with the fact that the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief It’s no secret that the greatest security vulnerability for enterprise organizations is the user who will click on anything. Bad actors […]
If you normally run an ad blocker and you’re reading this article on Forbes.com, then you probably had to turn the blocker off to access this […]
By Anthea Strezze Digital Transformation: Not Because it’s Easy, but Because it’s Hard  Sys-Con Media | Charles Araujo of Intellyx shares an inspiring view of digital […]
When you’re committed to the cloud, make sure you invest in the right infrastructure. Scalability is the key, and flexibility is what you need to be […]
For many years, Akamai has been the undisputed leader in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market it pioneered. Now that CDN capabilities have largely become commoditized, […]
For many years, Akamai has been the undisputed leader in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market it pioneered. Now that CDN capabilities have largely become commoditized, […]
First came Data Processing (DP), as massive, arcane behemoths of computers crunched numbers for select enterprises and government agencies. DP evolved into Information Systems (IS) and […]
By Lulwa Shalhoub Learning how to thrive in a digitally disruptive world and being able to imagine how advanced technology will affect lives is a must. […]
By VertitechIT 29. To the end user, the myriad processes happening behind the scenes should appear as a single, seamless application. “Typically, people think of hybrid […]
Innovation in the white-hot digital performance management (DPM) market continues to accelerate, and it was clear from this week’s Perform conference in Las Vegas that Dynatrace […]
Wednesday March 22, 2017 1:00 PDT / 4:00 EDT In the age of digital disruption, innovation is the name of the game. Organizations of every size and […]
Digital transformation is a process, not a destination. It’s a fundamental reshaping of an organization’s culture that reorients it around the customer experience, business value and constant change. It’s not about executing a ‘digital transformation project’ and finding a new normal. ...
According to one industry veteran, the cloud era is coming to an end. What business and IT leaders need to take from this provocative statement. For […]