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When you buy a high-tech device like an iPhone, you realize much of the value is in the software, and you expect to agree to a […]
By Data Market Atman 自1863年成立以来,苏黎世总部位于瑞士的瑞士重新对其业务和整个世界发生了许多变化。然而,当今动荡的商业环境,正迫使瑞士在其历史上任何其他时间都更快、更全面地变革。 我最近采访了瑞士Re的信息CIO CIO Rainer,了解公司正在经历的转型程度。Baumann说:“我们是一家150岁的再保险公司,面临我们从未经历过的变革步伐。”“变化的速度在加速,人们受到高度挑战。” Read the entire article at http://datamarket.atman360.com/116547...
By Data Market Atman Zenefits重启用App Store方式来人力资源 如果你看过兰迪的偏见在一场发布会上发言,你就会觉得第一,他更了解云计算,而非这个星球上的其他人,其次,他对废话的门槛相当低。你肯定会从偏见中得到一个unvarnished的意见。 与此系列中的许多数字影响者一样,高中时都偏向于技术。十几岁的时候,他把自己的免费时光学习了SCO的Xenix,一个Unix变种,并为他的朋友建立了一个网络。 Read the entire article at http://datamarket.atman360.com/125416...
If you’ve seen Randy Bias speak at a conference, you’ll come away with the impression first, that he knows more about cloud computing than just about […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Contrast Security offers code-level application security (appsec) that goes well beyond what the older, code scanning approaches were able to offer. […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Ayehu is among the latest generation of process automation vendors that takes a visual modeling, no-code approach to automating IT workflows, […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief BluVector combines supervised machine learning and big data analysis techniques to identify malicious features in various types of network traffic. It […]
When you think about IT’s future, you probably don’t think about factories. But the evolution of something called Industry 4.0 may be the model for IT’s […]
The need to digitally transform your organization is now — or at least should be — a strategic imperative. The fact, however, that the term digital […]
By Redaktion JAXenter Container revolutionieren die IT-Infrastruktur und DevOps transformiert die moderne IT-Landschaft – wie passt das zusammen? Jason Bloomberg: Docker und DevOps passen sicherlich gut zusammen. […]
How to Create Disruptive Innovation in a Complex Digital World In the age of digital disruption, the key to competitiveness is business agility. Innovation, adaptability and […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As organizations continue to move to a software-defined world and adopt multi-cloud and hybrid IT strategies, security approaches that assume the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief 128 Technology pulls no punches with its tagline: “The Internet is broken. We’re here to fix it.” The core weakness the […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Rubikloud helps retailers make data-driven decisions via two primary products. Its Promotion Manager provides retail marketers with the data they need […]
Since its founding in 1863, Zurich-based Swiss Re has seen many changes to its business and the world at large. Today’s turbulent business environment, however, is […]
By Shane Hastie ForbesのJason Bloomberg氏は、イベントの内容を要約した“Digital Transformation Requires Enterprisewide Agile Transformation”という記事の中で、イベントについて次のように述べている。 先週ニューヨークで開催された ICAgileの第1回Business Agility 2017カンファレンスにおいて明らかになったのは、アジャイルがテクノロジの枠を飛び越えて、ソフトウェアの世界の外へと拡大したということです。企業は今、アジャイルプラクティスの採用範囲を...
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Cyphort considers itself the ‘anti-SIEM’ (Security Information and Event Management) because it finds and mitigates threats that bypass traditional SIEM products. […]
By CloudGenix Join Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, as he shares the results of his research into the benefits of SD-WAN. He will explain how enterprises […]
If you had the opportunity to build the network right – how would you do it? Join Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx as he shares the […]
Organizations often discuss digital transformation as an abstract business concept, but a successful transformational journey almost always starts in IT, says BMC CIO Scott Crowder When […]
VIP SDx Summit and Networking Event 9 May, 2017 Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel Click here for more information and to register. Overview Wipro invites you to […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief This is the age of data. The proprietary data — and the insights gleaned from it — are rapidly becoming one […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Customers today expect to interact digitally throughout the entirety of the customer lifecycle. But for many organization — and in particular […]
By Brian Lambert For Forbes, Jason Bloomberg comes up with five reasons why Delta, for all it’s troubles, had a better week than United. “We could argue that […]
By Neil McEvoy Software Defined Everything: Harnessing Application Containerization On Forbes.com, Jason Bloomberg eloquently describes the broader market trend this represents, the shift to “Software Defined Everything” […]
By dstrom “On the one hand, AI is perhaps the most revolutionary set of innovations since the transistor. But on the other, the bad press surrounding […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The speed of business continues to increase unabated. Organizations of all sizes are attempting to automate and innovate in all areas […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The CoSMo Company leverages AI and big data technologies to model and simulate complex and complicated scenarios to provide decision makers […]
Jason Bloomberg will present a three-hour pre-conference tutorial on Agile Digital Transformation Building Business Capability Conference, Orlando, November 6, 2017 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm | […]
By Hartmut Schlosser DevOps Tools: Welche Rolle spielen Werkzeuge bei DevOps? Jason Bloomberg: Bei DevOps geht es nicht um die Tools an sich. Eine reine Auflistung von Werkzeugen wäre […]
By Ben Ice Understand the power of social media amplification To have to point this out in 2017 is surprising, but for a brand like United, […]
By The Coinist We start with the following quote from Jason Bloomberg over at Forbes: “If we could flip a switch and eliminate all illegal uses […]
By David Corrigan I had a really interesting conversation with Jason Bloomberg a few weeks ago on the impact that machine learning will have on customer data quality […]
Last Wednesday, unusually severe weather at its Atlanta hub caused a massive disruption across the entire Delta Airlines fleet, leading to more than 60 diverted flights […]
By Gabriela Motroc 4 answers: If containers are revolutionizing IT infrastructure and DevOps is transforming the modern IT landscape, would you say that they go well together? […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief While still quite nascent, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) movement is already beginning to run into limitations. RPA utilizes software “robots” […]
By Doug Tedder In a recent Forbes magazine article, Jason Bloomberg featured Automic, an IT automation and service orchestration software company. Automic, recently acquired by CA […]
By DevOps Digest AGILE ARCHITECTURE The key to achieving business agility – not simply success with Agile approaches – is Agile Architecture: a reinvention of enterprise […]
In a recent Cortex, I bemoaned the fact that as buzzwords go, Digital Transformation is excessively vague. There is yet another buzzword of our times that […]
Uber. Airbnb. Facebook. It seems that every Silicon Valley conversation, every software pitch deck, every article on digital transformation must mention these unicorns. Pioneers of the […]