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A super statist named Jason Bloomberg believes in order to realize a more perfect state, the coercive apparatus of the state should be utilized to manage […]
The Bitcoin community is abuzz with the news that at least one image of child pornography, as well as links to child pornography sites on the […]
By Raimon Domínguez Marzo cerraba con bitcoin como “Diamantes de sangre” El mes cerraba con artículos escandalosos en medios de alto interés como Forbes en el que Jason […]
As an industry observer, I’ve watched the development of artificial intelligence (AI) with fascination. While the technology itself is developing at a breakneck pace and offers […]
I’m going to address Bloomberg’s actual points — few and far between as they may be. Some of the responses last time were that I engaged in a […]
In my article We Need To Shut Bitcoin And All Other Cryptocurrencies Down. Here’s Why from last week, I made the argument that cryptomining (the transaction […]
When the cloud first entered the enterprise consciousness, the pitch was simple: move your applications to the cloud and enjoy the simplicity of an on-demand, integrated […]
Organizations now find themselves stuck between two competing pressures. On the one hand, they are under near-constant assault by bad actors who wish to compromise their […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Update Intellyx last covered Cloudian in a Brain Candy post in October 2017. In the months since, this object storage vendor’s file […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As with most low-code platforms, Alpha Software seeks to simplify and accelerate the work of professional developers. Alpha targets data capture […]
If you’re a business leader today, there is one thing that should be at the top of your priority list: business agility. In the age of […]
And this dumb dumb Forbes Article I caught today in my Google Alerts mentioned banning Bitcoin? Written by Jason BLOOMBERG? lol Stopping Bitcoin? hah good luck […]
You’ve got to be kidding me with this absolute garbage. Read it for yourself, but the guy is wrong about almost everything he says. It looks […]
Jason Bloomberg, a tech consultant and the author of this article, is among those who link the future of Blockchain with the future of crypto-currencies. One […]
This article from IT analyst Jason Bloomberg provides some pretty compelling arguments regarding the fundamental flaws surrounding permission-less blockchains that are typically used with cryptocurrencies, and […]
In un articolo che ha attirato un ampio dibattito su Reddit, Jason Bloomberg, presidente della società di analisi del settore Intellyx, individua la minaccia più pericolosa […]
VODEĆI informatički stručnjak Jason Bloomberg objavio je u Forbesu članak u kojem je upozorio da je ilegalno trgovanje kriptovalutama najveća prijetnja 2018. godine. “Prošlog tjedna napisao […]
Shutting down Bitcoin could become an option in the fight against illicit cryptomining. In recent months, governments and corporations found themselves the victims of these activities […]
Last week, Jason Bloomberg, president of industry analyst firm Intellyx wrote an article relating to illegal cryptomining explaining how criminals are concealing cryptocurrency transaction processing software […]
In our call of the day, he expands on what he believes is the most dangerous threat in 2018: illicit cryptomining, or “cryptojacking” That’s when hackers […]
In the first three posts in this four-post blog series, my colleague Charles Araujo and I have explored the challenges of the shared responsibility model in […]
Dear Jason Bloomberg. This video is only for you today, and all the other people who don’t understand the meaning of #Bitcoin. View the video at […]
Jason Bloomberg, a contributor over at Forbes, has come out with an article calling for the absolute ban and outlaw of #cryptocurrencies. This comes after cases […]
By luboš motl  Bloomberg argues that the cryptocurrencies with the public blockchain – Ripple is the only possible counterexample of a semi-permissioned blockchain – should be banned […]
By Malcolm Rose If you’re in the cryptocurrency world and have a personality that’s anything like mine, you’re equal parts amused and exhausted when it comes to […]
Last week I wrote an article on illicit cryptomining – how hackers are sneaking cryptocurrency transaction processing software onto corporate networks, personal computers, and other devices. […]
By Juan C. Perez  As industry analyst Jason Bloomberg put it in a Forbes column recently, “ransomware is oh, so 2017,” as “smart hackers have turned to illicit cryptomining […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief HeadSpin gives developers and testers the ability to experience mobile apps and sites as their users do. The company leverages mobile […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief WhiteHat Security provides both dynamic and static application security testing (DAST and SAST) to help developers write more secure code, while […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Applitools supports testing of responsive Web apps by detecting visual differences between the appearance of a page as compared to a […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Insider threats may include malicious, compromised, disgruntled, or simply careless employees or other insiders. In some cases, the insider is trying […]
By onalytica Digital transformation is the term given to the transformation of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the opportunities of new digital technologies. The aim of […]
By 10tiao ITSM将把关注焦点从IT基础设施转移到以用户体验为核心的功能设计上。基于ITSM构建的应用程序将提供更丰富、更强大的用户体验,这也意味着ITSM与其他业务模块之间的数据孤岛被消除,围绕用户和业务提供全局IT管理服务。 Jason Bloomberg,Intellyx总裁 Read the entire article at http://www.10tiao.com/html/177/201803/2653203536/1.html...
By Contact Center World Intellyx Talks Digital Transformation at CA’s Continuous Delivery & Agile Summit Watch the entire video at https://www.contactcenterworld.com/video.aspx?id=py57Isl6KNo&series=656c255c-22ed-40fb-822f-ca03bbb8a97e
As enterprises reacted to the drawbacks of traditional, waterfall development – long timeframes, high costs, and results that rarely met customer expectations – they had to […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Natural Language Generation (NLG) is now a familiar part of our day-to-day experience. In enterprise scenarios, NLG typically requires extensive data […]
Note that delight and the goal often interrelate. You may be less delighted with a product because it doesn’t help you achieve your goals, and correspondingly, being delighted might very well be one of (or your only) goals.
非法加密货币挖矿最阴险的方面在于,受害者对此浑然不觉。专家表示,在这种新的商业模式下,攻击者不再惩罚打开附件或运行恶意脚本的受害者,而是通过劫持系统要求支付赎金。 【51CTO.com快译】非法加密货币挖矿最阴险的方面在于,受害者对此浑然不觉。思科公司Talos威胁情报部门(简称“Talos团队”)的专家们表示,在这种新的商业模式下,攻击者不再惩罚打开附件或运行恶意脚本的受害者,而是通过劫持系统要求支付赎金。现在,攻击者在积极利用被感染系统的资源进行加密货币挖矿。 … 原文标题:Top Cyberthreat Of 2018: Illicit Crypt...
Digital disruption was 2017’s “hot topic,” but in 2018 you’re behind the curve if you haven’t moved from talk to action. From the CIO to the […]
Just as was the case with the settling of the American West, today’s technology settlers are flocking ’West‘ to new territory in search of new fortunes […]