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By Jim Ingram, Director of Finance and Administration, Alliance for Innovation Faster, better, cheaper: this is the mantra so often heard in organizations pressed to create efficient […]
In the article dated December 4th and entitled “Key to Internet of Things: Consumer Empowerment,” Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg indicates the reason consumers are not latching […]
The transformation in digital transformation connotes an enterprise-wide organizational change, centering on the facilitation of self-organizing, innovative digital teams. Managers intent on achieving such self-organization, however, […]
Today’s CIOs face pressure from multiple directions. The traditional pressures persist: cost savings, security and governance, maintaining systems of record while trying to keep up with […]
By Fahad Saleem In an article on Forbes, Jason Bloomberg said that the Enterprise is going through a transition phase because of Cloud and International Business […]
By Marc Abraham I recently did an online retail course and one of the first things that our teacher Ian Jindal said was: “forget thinking about retail […]
Whoever actually came up with the purportedly Chinese curse exhorting us to live in interesting times surely had no inkling of the insane level of change permeating today’s technology-fueled business world. There are so many individual threads of this story that even finding one end of...
And Jason Bloomberg, author of the Agile Architecture Revolution, wrote on his Intellyx blog that: “SnapLogic modernizes each element of ELT for today’s modern, cloud-centric, Big […]
1. Why is it so important for tech companies to embrace the cloud? “Cloud” is a rather nebulous marketing term that comprises many different approaches and […]
By Deepak Seth Redux comes to us from the Latin reducere – to lead back. And, that’s what I was reminded of when Jason Bloomberg touched a raw nerve […]
By Adrian Grigoriu Jason Bloomberg writes or more appropriately quotes a few architects on Forbes on the role of EA in “Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken?“. Jason is […]
The art of retargeting utilizing big data is nothing new—and yes, it can be a little bit “creepy,” as Jason Bloomberg explains in a recent article […]
The latest cyberattack to hit the news is POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption). While POODLE wins points for both the cutest title and including […]
Executives in some industries may argue that digital transformation is optional, but when a market disruption upends an industry as dramatically as the Affordable Care Act […]
Heads up! I must warn you this article is likely NSFW – unfortunate, because it’s an important business story and addresses one of the primary business […]
What it means to build quality software has taken a beating over the years. We’re no longer content to strive for defect-free code. We must also […]
As I built my first Web site – and wrote my first article about the Web – back in 1995, I have the privilege of counting […]
Spectacular technology failures require dramatic rethinking of approaches – even in the US Federal Government. From the FBI Sentinel project a few years ago, to the […]
+Forbes contributor +Jason Bloomberg with +Intellyx has a great piece about the details of this struggle, and what #cybersecurity  must do as a result: It’s getting increasingly difficult and […]
Jason Bloomberg, who covers APM as CEO of Boston-area consultancy Intellyx LLC, said Dynatrace’s fortunes will depend on whether the company will be able to capitalize […]
According to the recent Forbes article by Jason Bloomberg, Innovation: The Flip Side of Resilience, “resilient organizations and innovative organizations share essential core competencies.” The same […]
At Intellyx our focus is on digital transformation, so I spend a lot of my time helping digital professionals understand how to leverage the various technology […]
With the recent cyberattacks at The Home Depot, Target, JP Morgan Chase, and now Kmart (division of Sears), one has to wonder whether the hackers have […]
Many traditional IT executives, reinvigorated and rejuvenated after attending last week’s Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, are now breathing a huge sigh of relief. They had been […]
By Mat Mathews Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg felt that the Fiber Mountain launch was the pinnacle of excitement at this year’s Interop conference in New York […]
With the recent news of Hewlett-Packard’s split into two companies, and struggling vendors like TIBCO Software going private to nurse their wounds, September’s news that application […]
By Francis Lash One of the mantras of Agile development teams is to do “just good enough” to get the job done. This is what drives […]
IT industry analyst behemoth Gartner is having their Symposium shindig this week in Orlando, where they made such predictions as “one in three jobs will be […]
In a recent article in Forbes, Jason Bloomberg asks if Enterprise Architecture (EA) is “completely broken”.  He reckons it is, and that EA frameworks, such as […]
Instead of multichannel, which would be an accurate way to describe marketing on a range of platforms, the industry has now moved to the buzzword ‘omnichannel’. […]
Since the first Interop in 1988, this venerable networking technology conference has seen its share of innovation. Founded as a TCP/IP interoperability workshop, it gave professionals […]
Clemens is van mening dat Oracle zelf ook aan de vooravond staat van een enorm verandertraject. ‘De olietanker Oracle heeft de boegschroef aangezet en gaat van koers […]
In today’s increasing complex world, where users are expecting sub millisecond responsive website, “failure is just one click away”. Jason Bloomberg (@theebizwizard) at Forbes summarizes his impressions […]
The big picture is building a culture of innovation. Changing our organizations so fundamentally, however, is inherently risky. Innovation requires disruption, and thus companies risk devolving into chaos as they follow the path to innovativeness. But good executives (the ones who ...
Getting big data to do for us flawed humans what we cannot effectively accomplish for ourselves is an ongoing struggle. Jason Bloomberg’s recent post on wired.com […]
Jason Bloomberg answers questions on digital strategy and innovation at the Innovation Enterprise Digital Strategy Innovation Conference, September 26, 2014.   Play the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQUzv9mcHc8.
Everybody likes a good cliffhanger, and my last Cortex newsletter offered a doozy: Know when to optimize and know when to disrupt – and above all, […]
A decade ago, back in the “SOA days,” we compared various Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) vendors and the products they were hawking. When the conversation came […]
Resilience was a hot topic at last week’s O’Reilly Velocity conference, and the topic was hottest during the keynote and subsequent interview by David Woods, Professor […]
Want to make tech headlines without having to change anything – or in fact, do anything? If you’re Oracle, all you have to do (or not […]