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By Arthur Cole Even though Betz and others, like Intellyx CEO Jason Bloomberg, couch their comments within headlines like “Is Agile Killing Enterprise Architecture?” the real story is a bit more nuanced. It starts with the admission that most enterprise architectures don’t agree on what EA is, so whether Agile or anything else can kill it is a matter of perspective. If EA is simply a means for IT to maintain lock-step control over modeling, planning, governing or otherwise controlling architecture, then Agile will, and should, kill it. But if Agile can be used to add new dimensions to EA regarding flexible resource allocation, sharing and other advanced functions, then it won’t be killing EA but causing it to thrive. Read the entire article at http://www.itbusinessedge.com/blogs/infrastructure/defining-the-a-in-agile-enterprise-architecture.html. ... (more)

Quantum Computing: From Theory to Reality By @TheEbizWizard | @CloudExpo #Cloud

The word quantum often portends New Age mumbo-jumbo, in spite of the fact that quantum mechanics underlies many of today’s most important technologies, including lasers and the semiconductors found in every computer chip. Nevertheless, today quantum computing is becoming a reality. And while it may look to the layperson like mere mumbo-jumbo, in reality of the technology has largely moved out of the theoretical stage, as recent news indicates. In fact, two important announcements over the last few weeks underscore the progress quantum computing is making. The D-Wave 2X Quantum C... (more)

Driving Digital with the Internet of Things By @TheEbizWizard | @ThingsExpo #IoT

The word digital has been with us for years, but today it’s experiencing a renaissance, as enterprises in every industry reinvent themselves as software-driven organizations. And yet, digital paradoxically isn’t about software. Digital is all about the customer. The only reason technology is central to the digital movement is because more than ever before, customer preferences and behavior are driving enterprise technology decisions. Customers—consumers as well as business-to-business—demand diversity in their technology touchpoints, ranging from computers to televisions smartph... (more)

Are Microservices ‘SOA Done Right’? By @TheEbizWizard | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #Microservices

Given my years at ZapThink, fighting to help architects understand what Service-Oriented Architecture really was and how to get it right, it’s no surprise that many people ask me this question. If you took my SOA course, you can probably guess my answer: it depends. Even to this day we don’t have a universally accepted definition of SOA. But even if we did, we’d also have to figure out what “SOA done wrong” means, in order to contrast microservices with it. However, the question “Are Microservices ‘SOA Done Right’?” itself is a mix of apples and, well not oranges – more like confu... (more)

Introducing 'Microservices Journal' | @CloudExpo [#Microservices #API]

SOA World Magazine Becomes Microservices Journal Even though it's now Microservices Journal, long-time fans of SOA World Magazine can take comfort in the fact that the URL - soa.sys-con.com - remains unchanged. And that's no mistake, as microservices are really nothing more than a new and improved take on the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) best practices we struggled to hammer out over the last decade. Skeptics, however, might say that this change is nothing more than an exercise in buzzword-hopping. SOA is passé, and now that people are talking about microservices instead, ... (more)