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As the low-code/no-code movement continues to explode, skeptics look askance at the trend and wonder if we’ve been down this road before. After all, we’ve seen plenty of ‘user productivity’ tools over the years that provided value in their day, but also led to a number of challenges as well. Not to name any names, but we like to call this the ‘Microsoft Access’ problem. (Plenty of other tools fit the bill as well, but Access is perhaps the best known). Frustrated with the responsiveness of their IT departments, droves of business users built quick-and-dirty apps on Access, running them under their desks – unmanaged, ungoverned, and of questionable quality. And thus, Shadow IT was born. Today, we’ve recast such users as ‘citizen developers,’ and we’ve given many of them access to increasingly powerful, easy to use low-code/no-code platforms. The million-dollar ques... (more)

Compuware Introduces Cloud Access to Mainframe Development

“Modernizing mainframe applications is a critical activity for enterprise organizations competing in a digital-first world. That starts with integrating mainframes into continuous delivery pipelines, but it also means modernizing the development environment to ensure that developers have the scale and agility they need in a fast-moving market,” said Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst with Intellyx. “With Topaz on AWS, Compuware gives enterprises all the benefits of their intuitive, innovative development framework and combines it with the scale, flexibility and ease-of-administr... (more)

Epicenter of Innovation – ChefConf 2015

By Allison Cramer At the show, we caught up with Jason Bloomberg, a Forbes contributor and the president of Intellyx. He was fresh from his fantastic presentation in the CA Technologies and InformationWeek sponsored Virtual DevOps summit. We were excited to show him the power of CA Release Automation and to discuss his insights on Continuous Delivery. Jason wrote a detailed recap of the event drawing attention to some of the key integration partners in the Chef Ecosystem including CA Release Automation. He said “automation of all phases of the software lifecycle, in particular, ... (more)

AppDynamics: Unified Monitoring for End-to-End Visibility

Sometimes software vendors bog themselves down in the never-ending game of buzzword bingo, as marketers try for just the right combination of terminology to encourage customers to buy. In other situations, however, a vendor will carefully select terminology to make important distinctions – even though the point they are making is a subtle one. Application Intelligence vendor AppDynamics falls into the second camp. This week’s announcement features a number of varied enhancements for their platform, emphasizing its “Unified Monitoring” enhancements, including “increased server, ... (more)

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned From ‘Panama Papers’ Breach

In the weeks since the revelation of the Panama Papers, the world of the rich and powerful has been reeling. A single cyberattack against Mossack Fonseca, a quiet Panamanian law firm, has sent a tsunami around the world, toppling one world leader so far, with more turbulence to come. The attacker absconded with a vast trove of information, consisting of millions of documents, emails, and other information – so much information, in fact, that journalists and other investigators have been poring through it for over a year. Still a mystery: the identity or identities of the attacker... (more)