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I'm sure many of you reading this Cortex are aware I also write a regular column for Forbes on digital transformation. What you don't know, however, is how the Forbes sausage comes to be made. But as it happens, a recent article caused quite a stir behind the scenes - a story in itself. Normally such a kerfuffle wouldn't be worthy of note, but in this case, there's an important lesson about digital transformation to be learned here. So let's peel back that natural pork casing and take a peek into the motley assortment of ingredients that go into such an article. The Story Is the Story On a recent briefing call with a vendor, they mentioned that they could set me up with an interview with the AVP of creative and digital strategy at one of their clients, a large, well-known technology and financial services firm. (I won't mention the names of any of the players, as I'm ... (more)

Dispelling The Myths Of Agile By @TheEbizWizard | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Dispelling The Myths Of Agile Do you like the idea of Agile software development, but you don’t think it’s a fit at your organization? Perhaps your enterprise is too rigidly hierarchical, or maybe your projects are too large and complex for Agile? Think again. Agile is well on its way to becoming the standard approach for developing software, even for immense, complex applications for enterprise use. Just ask the United States federal government. That’s the news from this week’s Agile in Government: Mutual Adaptation conference, put on by The Association for Enterprise Information... (more)

YaaS: Hybris’ next generation cloud architecture surfaces at SAP’s internal developer conferences

By Richard Hirsch The [hybris YaaS] architecture also uses micro-services mash-ups to aggregate service calls or to compose more complex service flows that “stop cascading failure and enable resilience in complex distributed systems where failure is inevitable”. This model was demonstrated by NetFlix in its Hystrix solution) and has been used successfully in numerous environments.   [SOURCE] Note:  Currently HCP does not yet support Cloud Foundry so the YaaS Beta doesn’t run on HCP. As others have discovered, this architecture has broader implications for SAP’s general cloud e... (more)

Seven Reasons Why the Internet of Things is Doomed

by Jason Bloomberg, President, Intellyx INTRODUCTION To paraphrase the immortal Facebook sage, there are three things in this world I hate: 1. Articles about buzzwords; 2: Irony; and 3: Lists. Let us therefore proceed with all due irony to list our derogations of one of the buzziest: the Internet of Things, known to aficionados and curmudgeons alike as the IoT. The IoT explosion is rather curious if you think about it, as the Internet has been with us now for nigh on two decades, and everything connected to it has always been some kind of thing. But now it seems every kind of th... (more)

Jason Bloomberg Joins @DevOpsSummit New York Faculty | @TheEbizWizard | [#DevOps]

Jason Bloomberg to discuss the importance of resilience, inherent flexibility, and good technical debt to the success of DevOps The DevOps Drumbeat: Reinventing the Iron Triangle The cloud has transformed how we think about software quality. Instead of preventing failures, we must focus on automatic recovery from failure. In other words, resilience trumps traditional quality measures. Continuous delivery models further squeeze traditional notions of quality. Remember the venerable project management Iron Triangle? Among time, scope, and cost, you can only fix two or quality will s... (more)